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Indian consumers ‘rapidly growing appetite for quality¬†building materials, Kajaria believes in expanding its horizon continuously.

After championing the tiles segment, Kajaria entered the bathware category with Kerovit. Thereafter, the company forayed into the category of wood panel products in 2018. And now, after understanding the catering the wood panel customers across the length and width of the country for more than 3 years, it is set to make a mark in the field of laminates.

The inspiration behind every Kajaria product is to exceed customer expectations and market demands while conforming to the finest standards of quality, service and innovation. Keeping up with the same objective, the company had established Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd. (A subsidiary of Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.). This venture has been offering various wood panel products under the brand name of KajariaPLY. With an unwavering commitment towards quality, the brand has strived to adopt the finest standards of the modern times. Be it technology or research, it has set its sight on all these factors adopting the optimal production techniques in order to deliver the right quality of its products, making them customer-centric.

A new chapter in beautiful interiors

Driven by the inherent values of constant innovation & customer centricity, Kajaria Laminates is offering a uniquely diverse bouquet of design possibilities that is bound to stimulate your design senses. This industry has got a lower entry barrier traditionally which creates a gap between what the consumers desire and what they actually get. Kajaria, as a responsible brand with over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing quality building material product, understands this dilemma perfectly. Coupled with its customer-centric approach, the brand has developed its exclusive range of Kajaria laminates having unique features & designs that will make the product range stand out while catering to the need of end consumers.

Moreover, with an ever-growing network of channel partners & trade associates, the brand’s eminence indicates a beautiful-yet-promising future for years to come.


Beauty in diversity A canvas of limitless imaginatio

Beauty transcends beyond just design and colours. Its manifests in the way we touch and feel. At Kajaria Laminates, we understand your amazing journey of creating those beautiful spaces with our extensive-yet-exclusive range of premium-quality interior solutions. Be it surfaces that impart design oriented aesthetics like laminates of functional products like ply-boards, doors etc. that suit your niche requirement. we have an exclusively customized product range that offers enhanced value addition to your interior architecture, every single time.

We truly understand that your interior design is an extension of your personality. Design inspirations are not just based on visual imaginations but have deep connect with the way you feel as well. Accordingly, one chooses what suits them best. Whether, it’s the grains that echoes the spirit of earthly forests or patterns that reflect the art of modern art. Designs resembling textile fabrics to varied stone patterns, the laminates bouquet has everything for those who not only have bld imagination but also for those who prefer an exquisite collection of solidly bold colours as well. Design explorer who search for expressionism in every interior landscape of their home will surely find a striking note with this diversified offering of ours.

Therefore, at Kajaria Laminates, we have developed an assortment of beautiful designs, finishes and textures for the connoisseur in you. Whatever is your style preference, you can now indulge in our exclusive range of laminates that are available in an array of colours shades & designs. So get ready to step into our world of Beauty in Diversity which we lovingly refer as your Canvas of limitless imaginations.


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